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RiverKids Scottish Children's Charity


Supporting local children enabling them to reach their full potential.

Article 31 of the UN convention on the rights of the child states that every child has the right to play and rest.  

At River Kids, we supply toys to West Lothian's most disadvantadged chidren by supplying the toy that enables them to play.  

River Kids, West Lothian’s Children’s Charity, was formed on 3rd October 2005 with the purpose of helping local children maximise their potential.

Since then we have built a play area at St. John's hospital in conjunction with the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.  We contributed £50,000 towards the cost of this state of the art area.  We are now replenishing toys  in OPD3 and updating OPD1 and A&E.

We have bought bikes (pictured to the right) for local disabled children to enable them to go for a bike ride for the first time in their lives with their family and/or friends.  Cost for each bike is a minimum of £1,200. 

We run many events during the course of the year in order to help raise much needed funds.

The funds we raise come from a combination of direct donations, fund-raising events, bucket and can collections. This is only possible due to the generous support of West Lothian’s Business Community and of course its residents.

Latest News


Office Move

Many changes have happened in the last few months at RIver Kids and we are now firmly installed in our new offices at Systems House, Alba Campus, Rosebank, Livingston.  Eh54 7EG.  We are still organising some of our rooms but are happily working our way through the boxes and are already starting to sort out the toy appeal.


Foreign Coin Collectors

You can now donate your unwanted foreign currency in our collection can in Early Steps Nursery Bathgate.  We can take old english money there too, so if you've been around the world and come back with a pocket full of coins, please donate them in early Steps Nursery and enable us to help local children reach their full potential.